Let's tread carefully off the path, into the woods.....

Welcome to The Fairy Preservation Society(TM) 

Our mission is to encourage families to explore and be inspired by the magic of the woods... 

To enjoy and preserve the beautiful spaces, in which all magical inhabitants dwell,

 from fairies and elves, tree spirits and frogs,

to hedgehogs, butterflies and bumble bees...

and of course, you too.

We offer unique and magical woodland workshops, fairy trails,

'Fairy School' parties and events designed for your space. 

We believe the delicate balance between humanity and nature can be nourished and protected through outdoor play and education.

Our workshops and events engage children, and adults, in a magical, creative interactive journey which encourages a long lasting respect and interest in all nature's wondrous beauty with plenty of folklore, foraging and magic sprinkled in!

So, would you like to help protect your local fairies?

Lets tread carefully off the path, into the woods

and learn all that we can about the world around us 

and ourselves....        

Love and Fairy blessings

Amanda, Georgie Rosebud and Mariella Moon xxx


Our story begins some hundreds of years ago in a beautiful apple orchard in Oxfordshire xxx
 It is currently being recorded by the biographer A J Di Clemente. 
Watch this space for further info !


"I do believe in fairies! I do!" J.M.Barrie



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